Steve - airman opus

I'm Steve Noonan. Hacker, Persian Gulf War veteran.

Life has necessitated updates which I'm still working on.

Portfolio - aka Hacks

These are projects I'm actively working on. Click the 'Ready' and 'In Progress' icons for details.

Weathercheck gives you current conditions, weather radar, and severe weather information for what's outside where you are-- as opposed to apps that will tell you the weather for the next seven days in seven differen countries but won't tell you if you need an umbrella to go outside.

Drivin' and Flyin' gives you the real time status of nearby airports, and shows a list of arrivals and departures including airline, flight, gate, arrive/depart time, delays, and baggage claim carousel. While you're enroute to the airport, you also real time get traffic information that routes you around delays and gives you a running ETA at the airport.
Lost in... displays a risk assessment for your location based on real data (crime reports, earthquakes, weather, etc) to give you an accurate assessment of local danger. Intended to help people with PTSD to accept that the world is basically a safe place when it is, and recognize potential danger when it is not. Works best if you're in/near the Bay Area. This app was my response to trying to get from SFO to Berkeley and ending up in Oakland. :)

Other hacks

These are projects I'm working on, but not as actively.

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